Eucalyptus Populus, bunch 150g / piece 10-20g

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Our dried. Preserved eucalyptus never loses its fresh appearance.
The beautiful, dark green tone with a slight blue tinge and the unique leaves are typical of eucalyptus.
Whether fresh or dried, it is one of the most popular types of dried flowers and is used both as Supplement in a bouquet or used individually in a vase.

Good to know:
- Real dried flowers
- Please unpack carefully, dried flowers can break.
- Do not need water - please do not put them in water!
- There it is a natural product, the bouquet may differ slightly from the picture.
- Long-lasting & sustainable
- Please do not place in direct sunlight, otherwise the flowers may fail

The eucalyptus is approx. 45-60cm high.

The bundle includes approx. 5-7 stalks with a total of approx. 150g
(The number of stalks may vary)
The individual stalks may be slightly different and therefore vary in weight and size.