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- MAHINA (Hawaiian): the MOON, the LIGHT -

Inspired by the countless journeys of our co-founders Nina & Marcel and the energy Nina draws from the moon, it is not just the name of our company, it reflects the way they both live. That MAHINA at the same time
The names Nina and Marcel are linked by a nice coincidence that was only noticed by a customer a year after it was founded.


Actually, as is so often the case, it all started very small. And with a newly won hobby in times of the COVID pandemic.
At that time, co-founder Nina started making macrame and selling them on Instagram and Etsy. The interest in the handmade macramees grew and so Nina decided together with her partner Marcel to gather all their courage and turn this hobby into a profession. Nina's event management studies and her creativity perfectly complement Marcel's business administration studies and his independence due to the family business, making the two of them the perfect team.

Little by little they built up a small online shop and the business continued to grow within their own four walls.
The dressing room became a storage room, the office a packing station, the dining table a workplace and the garden shed became a storage room for dried flowers. More and more ideas and a tireless zest for action led to MAHINA becoming what we are today.

MAHINA is not only an online shop, but also a place for exchange and inspiration. We have set ourselves the goal of combining living ideas, creativity and community and sharing our passion with you. We love meeting new people and getting in direct contact with you. That is why we are particularly pleased to offer workshop events and private workshops for you at regular intervals. Our decoration rental is also something very special for us. Being able to accompany people on their big day with our decorations and to help make it something special has always been a dream of founder Nina.

In our online shop, we no longer only offer our handmade macrame, but also a range of carefully selected products from other manufacturers. We strive to constantly expand our range for you and want to give small manufacturers who are still at the beginning the chance to bring their products to the market. After all, we started out small ourselves. With a pop-up store in our warehouse and exhibitions at markets and events, we would like to offer you the opportunity to visit us personally at regular intervals and to discover and get to know us and our products on site. We are proud that we have already been able to implement many of our visions together with you and have grown into a small team of seven people.
The young couple behind MAHINA are bursting with creativity, business acumen and a love for details that is reflected in all areas of their work.

Our ideas are far from exhausted and we can hardly wait to grow beyond ourselves together with you and to realize further visions. We have been working from our own four walls day after day since the beginning of our MAHINA journey to offer you the best service and we are therefore very pleased that you have found us!



We have made it our mission to make our company so
to be as sustainable as possible. Both with our own manufactured products, as well as with our partners, we make sure to establish a sustainable level and to pay attention to the origin of our products. In order to reduce packaging waste, we continue to use cardboard boxes and other packaging material and would also like to call on our customers to give it another life after receiving the goods.

You can find out more about sustainability in our company here .

trust and quality

Trust is very important in our company.
This is reflected in many areas. Trust in our employees and manufacturers is the basis of our daily work. But our top priority is also the trust between us and you as our customers. In order to maintain your trust, only selected items that we are 100% convinced of come into our shop. Each individual piece is carefully selected and checked by us.

Quality and longevity as well as fair manufacturing conditions are the be-all and end-all for us.


From the start, our family and friends have encouraged us
helped to make our dream come true. This mutual support is also particularly important to us in our team and that is why we attach great importance to the fact that everyone in the team feels comfortable with us and that we form an appreciative, harmonious group of people who share their passion for the beautiful things in life.

We also treat our customers as equals and we maintain close, personal contact both with each other and with our manufacturers.


At MAHINA, we do everything we do with passion. We are creative, open and motivated, we want to combine all of that in our company and thus inspire you to awaken your passion and dare something new. This not only refers to our products in the DIY area, but also to our own career, which should encourage you to take the plunge and live your dreams. We rely on transparency and let you share in our successes as well as our failures, because both are part of life and allow us to continue to grow.

Be inspired by our style, every challenge
to master and our small and larger successes
to celebrate together!